About the Project


Biotec-LATAM is an initiative that seeks to showcase Latin American contribution and potential in agricultural biotechnology. For that purpose, this site gathers information on the GM crops grown in the region, their benefits, the relevant regulatory frameworks, some examples of local developments in transgenic crops and animals, and the multilateral agreements of which Latin American countries are parties and/or members. 

The information contained in this site has been made available, for the most part, by the Latin American organizations that are part of CropLife International global network (AgroBio Región Andina, ArgenBio, Croplife Brasil, Croplife Latin America, ChileBio and Proccyt) and by the Latin American offices of the Foreign Agricultural Services - US Department of Agriculture FAS/USDAAlso, colleagues from different countries have made very valuable contributions to this project. Finally, the annual global reports published by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) and PG Economics have also been valuable sources of information. 

In April 2024, the “Trade” section was added to the project, a detailed analysis of Latin America's contribution to world trade, focusing on GM crops and the impact of the region's exports on the world. The section highlights that GM technologies are of great importance not only for the region and the countries that comprise it, but also for the world. Those who browse this section of the website will have a comprehensive view of the contribution of GM crops to Latin American exports, breaking down which specific products are exported, to which main destinations they are directed, how they are positioned internationally and the impact of this exchange in the economy of the region and the countries that comprise it.

The information presented in the Trade section has been taken from Comtrade, which contains values and quantities traded between countries, and analyzed in collaboration with foreign trade experts. Focus was placed on products derived from GM crops that reach or exceed the 70% adoption threshold in the countries of the region. Therefore, the tariff positions were considered (Harmonized System version 2012): 100590 and 230330 for corn, 120100, 120190, 120810, 150710, 150790, 230400, 382600 for soybeans and 520100 for cotton.

In conclusion, navigating through Latin America in an imaginary journey, visitors to this site will not only be able to go through each country and find general information as well as their main agriculture characteristics, and, in particular, each country’s standpoint in relation to agricultural biotechnology. They will also be able to see the great contribution of GM crops from the region and its countries to global trade of food, fiber and energy.

The most valuable feature of this site with its new Trade section is to be the only website in the world that brings together the most recent data on development, adoption and trade of GM crops in the region in one place, in three languages and with the possibility to compare data in tables and graphs and other interactive resources in a very visual and friendly format.

Grab your suitcases and join us in this journey through the beautiful and diverse Latin American territories.

Welcome to Biotec-LATAM and its trade section